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At Lumiscent LLC, we strive to put pieces together and simplify Quality Assurance solution for different types of software applications. We work hard to encourage collaborative innovation with all of our QA professionals to help our clients leverage industry best practices and trends. To remain competitive, every business need quick turnaround from the time of concept/idea to actual solution offering along with reliable and stable applications. Also, with changing software development methodologies and technology trends, it is very important to have robust and cost effective testing solution.

Having good Quality Assurance (QA) plan and execution strategy has become a vital part of the SDLC to build brand value and increase customer satisfaction.

Our team at Lumiscent LLC, is focused on end to end Quality Assurance (QA) strategy and solutions. We believe in quality and doing things right the very first time.Lumiscent LLC has partnered and delivered many testing strategy and solutions to our clients.

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